Dr. Salvatore Flavio Pileggi

Research Fellow
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

"If you can dream it, you can do it" ~ Walt Disney


Funded Research Projects

Current Involvements


Past Involvements

(*) Funded by the Australian Government

2016-2017 - Urban Analytics Data Infrastructure (UADI)

(*) Funded by the European Union Council (FP7)

2014-2016 - Large-scale computation without synchronisation (SyncFree)

2012 - Nanoscale Silicon-Aware Network-on-chip Design Platform (NaNoC)

2011-2012 - UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living (universAAL)

2009 - Building Security Assurance in Open Infrastructure (BUGYO)

2008 - Advanced Service Architecture and Service Delivery Environment (SERVERY). Celtic Plus Excellence Award 2012 in gold

2008 - Experience Sharing in Mobile Peer Communities (EXPESHARE)

2007 - Enabler for Next Generation Service Delivery (MULTINET)

(*) Funded by the Spanish Government

2010 - Fabrica Absolutamente Segura y Saludable (FASYS)

2009 - Interconexión de Infraestructuras Abiertas para la Validación Integral de Servicios Móviles Convergentes de Nueva Generación, Calidad de Experiencia, Modelos de Negocio y Modelos de Gestión (NEURONA)

2007 - Plataforma Integral para la Gestión de Redes Tridimensionales de Sensores en el Sector Aereoaspacial (PIGRES)